February 27, 2024


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Spiritual Enlightenment Unlocked | Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

Lotty Dotty | Spiritual Enlightenment Unlocked | Enlightenment is commonly mistaken as a goal or a state of mind that you have to accomplish to be truly spiritual. The concept of enlightenment encompasses a wide range of experiences and may provide us with profound insights into our spiritual journeys.

First and foremost, enlightenment is a state of expanded consciousness. This simply implies having the understanding that there is something above and beyond the typical everyday consciousness. Understanding that beyond your daily human experience in your physical body, there exists a spiritual reality that can already help you to rise beyond the mundane concerns that weigh so heavily on most people. Simply thinking of God will cause your mind to become more attuned to God’s presence.

The second realization is knowing that the world is what it is and that we must accept it as it is. Some people characterize enlightenment as a calm and peaceful acceptance of things as they come. When you come to know and comprehend that all that occurs is in accordance with a divine law, you will become aware of the fact that things do not simply happen at random and that there are no errors in the world because you will realize that the divine law governs everything.

As human beings, we tend to put a premium on ideal outcomes; when things don’t work out perfectly, we feel frustrated and even become spiteful. The fact is that behind our limited perspectives there is something much larger that is operating. That is the reason why the wise are able to maintain their composure in the face of adversity. Though it may seem like nothing is going right, there is a purpose for such things happening.

Interior tranquility is the last and most important insight. Society places little value in it, yet once you find yourself at peace, you experience profound enlightenment. When there is harmony within you, you feel relaxed and tend to enjoy life to its fullest. In these moments of inner peace, you may feel God’s presence most strongly. 

Peace of mind is thought to be a prerequisite for having a direct line to God. Interior discord suffocates the soul and builds a barrier around one’s consciousness that blocks you from accessing your true and higher self, and from experiencing life more clearly. We may all experience spiritual enlightenment.  It’s not something we achieve, but rather something we connect with. Simply put, it is to have a deep connection with God.