April 19, 2024


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The Healing Power of Meditation | Photo by Chelsea Gates on Unsplash

Lotty Dotty | The Healing Power of Meditation | Without a shadow of a doubt, meditation is the greatest and healthiest remedy available. There are essentially no negative consequences, and it’s available at no cost. So, why not give it a go today?

The mere mention of the term “health” conjures up images of medical equipment and personnel: needles, tablets, capsules, drips, nurses, etc. But truth be told, these factors are far from the true definition of health.  Our world is starting to learn today that it is not possible to be considered healthy if your social, emotional, and psychological lives are not flourishing together with your physical fitness. In fact, the World Health Organization has also confirmed that all these determine one’s health.  That’s why meditation plays a huge role in how a person achieves authentic well-being.

When one enters the state of mind that is required for meditation, the body falls into a rhythm. These rhythms induce the heart and the cardiac tissues that surround it to relax, which in turn leads to a reduction in blood pressure. In addition, the muscles that make up the blood vessels relax at the same time as the muscles of the rest of the body. People who normally have high blood pressure are able to feel more at ease when their pressure is brought down to a level that is considered normal and healthy. Whenever this occurs, a domino effect of physiological changes begins to take place.

As less adrenaline is produced, the individual will feel more relaxed, and the organs of the body will be in less danger than they were before.  More beneficial and healthy chemicals are released into the body, resulting in the formation of the correct types of cells, therefore contributing to a rise in immunity

As less adrenaline is produced, the individual gets calmer and the threat to their internal organs decreases. The formation of the correct types of cells contributes to a rise in immunity when more beneficial and healthy chemicals are released into the body.

How meditation works is straightforward and uncomplicated.  Let’s say you suffer stomach discomfort, and you concentrate on that pain for 10 minutes.  What will happen? It seems to become worse, and it may eventually become rather serious. Meditation operates in the same manner except that it guarantees good consequences. 

When you meditate, you focus your thoughts on a single subject, such as a particular organ or part of your body.  But dismiss the idea that the body part is unwell.  As you meditate, focus on having tranquil feelings towards that body part. When you do this, the tense blood vessels widen and release their grip, allowing more blood to flow to the area. The organ or tissue receives oxygen and nutrition from the blood, while the blood transports away all waste and poisons.

Meditation has many proven healing benefits to both the mind and body. When practiced regularly, you can expect improvement and well-being in all aspects of your life.