February 27, 2024


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Learn that Loving Feeling | Photo by Tyson on Unsplash

Lotty Dotty | Learn that Loving Feeling | When do you feel most loved? Do you enjoy receiving thoughtful presents or notes of encouragement from someone you hold dear? Perhaps you find comfort in the arms of a loved one, or maybe you take great pleasure in spending time with your partner or closest friend.

How we show love to others is usually a reflection of how we wish to be loved. Most couples take pleasure in making romantic gestures to one another. However, some of us have not yet discovered our own love language with clarity. Every single day, we all give and receive love. But what makes one person feel loved may not be in the same way as what makes another person feel loved. Understanding what makes our partner, friends, or children feel loved will strengthen our relationships and make life more meaningful.

Everyone appreciates hearing the reassuring words, “I love you,” but for some people, hearing them alone is not enough. If you tell your partner or kid you love them but never do anything to make them feel loved, it may eventually cause a rift in even the strongest of relationships.

One useful tip to help greatly improve your awareness of your love language is by documenting the acts of love you do for others and the corresponding responses you receive. Over time, by reviewing the reactions of your loved ones in a variety of contexts, you’ll learn how they prefer to receive your expressions of love.

If your wife views your assistance around the house as proof of your affection for her, then every time you provide a hand, you’re further giving affirmation that she’s loved by you. She may feel more of your love in one gesture than a thousand words could ever say. If your children prefer your hugs, kisses, and a lot of physical touch as a form of love each day, doing so will mean more to them than any number of elaborate dinners you prepare.

Learning the ways that truly make us feel loved and then figuring out what our loved ones need for them to feel most loved will greatly transform our lives.  It is both a journey of self-development and an adventure in our interpersonal relationships. It doesn’t take much time or effort to pick up, but if we do understand it and put it into practice, the quality of our major relationships will indeed dramatically improve.