April 19, 2024


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“The Nine-Colored Deer” Ballet Performed Well

Daxue Yu, the choreographer of "The Nine-Colored Deer", took a group photo with all the young actors

Daxue Yu, the choreographer of "The Nine-Colored Deer", took a group photo with all the young actors

LucianaJury | BEIJING /via PRNewswire/ — The performance of the original fairy tale ballet “The Nine-Colored Deer” came to a successful conclusion on July 28 in Beijing at the “Tianqiao Theater.” The audience applauded for an extended period of time after the performance ended. The choreographer of the play, Daxue Yu, from Beijing Tao Li Wu Yan Culture & Art Co., Lt adapted and sublimated the mysterious, fantastic, childlike, and thought-provoking ancient mythology in the Dunhuang mural “Jataka of the Deer King,” and presented it on the stage for the first time in a one-of-a-kind form of ballet art, interpreting this legend with a brand new interpretation and exquisite perspective. The mural is located in Dunh When the fairy tale ballet “The Nine-Colored Deer” was first adapted, it took Daxue Yu nearly a year to bring this mysterious and thought-provoking story to the ballet stage. The story was intended to convey the values of harmony between man and nature as well as the honesty and trustworthiness between people. Even though “The Nine-Colored Deer” is being performed for the fifth time this year, it still feels new and will continue to be memorable to all who watch it.

Ms. Ying Feng, the director and artistic director of the National Ballet of China, has been quoted numerous times in interviews and articles as saying the following: “the ballet ‘The Nine-Colored Deer’ is a model of local ballet in China, which has broken the stylized dance language of Western Ballet, formed the unique charm of Chinese ballet, creatively presented Chinese culture in the form of Western Ballet Art, and played an exemplary and guiding role in the development of Chinese ballet in the future.” This statement

Daxue Yu has been committed to the research of dance innovation for over 20 years, and he has used his unique ideas to the choreography of his works, which has resulted in the creation of works that are more innovative and distinctive. His varied style of dance choreography aims to shape the image of dance characters within the profound cultural meaning, and to reveal the vivid charm of cultural images through body language. As a result, he has also created a great number of outstanding works.

In addition to his most well-known piece, “The Nine-Colored Deer,” Daxue Yu was also responsible for the creation of the fairy tale ballet “Swan Lake.” The original plot of the story, which had love as its theme, was adapted into a plot with a more educational theme of environmental protection, and he told the children the good morality of caring for the environment. He made a new interpretation of the classic works in a way that was completely original. Through the process of recreating the theme of his works, he achieved a perfect realization of the combination of plot and characters’ fate, as well as the combination of psychological emotion and concrete life. This resulted in the works having a distinctive artistic form, and the characters in the dance appeared more lively and vivid as a result. The play has been staged a total of 12 times in China, where it has been seen by a combined audience of 24,000 people. It has also been presented at the Edinburgh International Art Festival in the United Kingdom, where it was used to raise global environmental awareness.

Another innovative and representative piece of work by Daxue Yu is titled “Pinocchio,” and it is a Peking Opera retelling of the classic fairy tale “Pinocchio.” This is the first time that Peking Opera has been used to interpret one of the world’s most well-known fairy tales, and it displays the styles and characteristics of various characters by utilizing the authentic tune, action, and gorgeous costumes that are characteristic of Peking Opera. Not only did the play retell some of the most well-known fairy tales from throughout the world, but it also preserved the essential elements of priceless works of Chinese art. Not only did children adore the play, but even Peking Opera performers were effusive in their admiration of it. In addition, a production of the play was put on at the Mermaid Theatre throughout London as part of the festivities that were held in the United Kingdom to mark the Chinese New Year. The play was well received by Londoners who came to watch it, and they appreciated its “refreshing” and “Oriental charming” qualities.

Shortly after the public performance of these two exemplary works by Daxue Yu, a “diversified creative style” was set off in the domestic dance art circle, and his works were considered as two spectacular dance works at the time. Daxue Yu is a Chinese dance choreographer. A renowned dance instructor named Professor Zhitao Pan previously made the following observation regarding Daxue Yu’s choreography: “Many of Daxue Yu’s works are excellent examples of how art and culture may be perfectly integrated. He demonstrates how cultural concepts have contributed to the development of contemporary art forms by fusing together elements of traditional culture and contemporary creative thought. The works of Daxue Yu also give the new period a sense of exploration and a point of entry, and they experiment with unique ways of expressing oneself in contemporary dance genres. Every dance choreographer strives to achieve a style of dance that is distinctively artistic in its own right. In the works of Daxue Yu, significant breakthroughs were accomplished in terms of aesthetic expression techniques, as well as dance forms and movement patterns.”

In the process of creating dances and choreography, Daxue Yu gave careful thought to a wide range of factors, including imagination, space, strength, behavior, and visual impact. This gave his works a one-of-a-kind quality and left the audience with an extraordinary sensation. Due to the fact that Daxue Yu has been consistently innovative throughout his career in the field of dance, Beijing Tao Li Wu Yan Culture & Art Co., Ltd. is confident that he will continue to present more outstanding works to audiences of varying ages in the years to come.