April 19, 2024


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Existence Enhancement 101

Existence Enhancement 101 | Photo by Jill Wellington

Lotty Dotty | Existence Enhancement 101 | Knowing the distinction between merely existing and actually living is a life hack that every person should be aware of. Existing consists merely of carrying out the basic functions of life, such as breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, and everything else that your basic survival instincts dictate. Living, on the other hand, means spending every moment doing something worthwhile. By allowing your true self to give full expression in whatever you do, and making the most of your abilities, you are doing your part to improve the world around you.

It is of utmost importance that we take advantage of every opportunity to enhance our quality of living. How do we ensure that every minute that we spend is full of value? Here are five foundational pieces of advice you can apply to have an enhanced existence.

  1. Never stop learning. Age is not a barrier to learning. There is no end to your capacity to acquire knowledge and skills, and this applies to more than simply formal education. Take in as much information as possible. If new technologies and techniques have been developed, familiarize yourself with them. If there have been any changes to your field of profession, make sure to be updated. One of the hallmarks of a learned individual is recognizing the endless opportunities for personal growth.
  1. Always be aware of current events. Read up on what is going on in the world. When you have broad knowledge, you automatically become a better communicator. You’ll notice that others enjoy your company more, and you experience an overall improvement in the quality of the time you spend.
  1. Pursue your dreams and fulfill your passion in life. You’ll quickly discover that your days will lack meaning when you just go through the motions of daily tasks mechanically and without any emotion. Most often than not, this kind of existence will lead you to burnout more easily. Don’t let it come to that point. Find something you’re truly enthusiastic about and pursue it; you’ll find that your life could actually be satisfying.
  1. Enjoy what you do for a living. To put it another way, you should avoid working in an occupation that you detest. You should like whatever it is that you are working on, whether it be a job or a company. This has the potential to bring the greatest possible improvement to the quality of your life.
  1. Practice meditation. Focusing your thoughts and tapping into your full potential are both within your reach through the support of a meditation practice like Yoga. A solid meditation practice can help you maximize your abilities if you feel like there are any hindrances within yourself

If you want to enhance the quality of your life, these are key things to work on. Start to practice them consistently and see how much your life can change from simply existing to really living.