April 19, 2024


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Breathing Exercises: An Awesome Brain Changer

Breathing Exercises: An Awesome Brain Changer | Photo by Lucas Pezeta

Lotty Dotty | Breathing Exercises: An Awesome Brain Changer | The inability to focus on a single task is a major source of frustration for many office workers, perhaps more so than the long hours and high-stress levels. In any case, this has had a major impact on society, especially among young adults in their twenties. The majority of them have a problem staying focused. This lack of ability to concentrate is not really their fault– our progress as human beings has led to a short attention span.

According to studies, this trait might have been developed in humans as a means of survival. The earliest human beings had the ability to perceive anything in their surroundings through detection. They could sense predators or potential mates and intuitively stop what they were doing and deal with the immediate threat or opportunity.  But these occasions were not very often, so their focus on their day-to-day activities was rarely disrupted. 

However, in today’s fast-paced, urbanized society, this response needed to adjust dramatically. Things like digital games, billboards, and visual messages tend to grab our attention the most. We are overstimulated to the point of desensitization in the modern day. Instead of helping us focus, these distractions take our attention away from what really matters in life. But here’s the good news– the solution won’t cost you a dime. The answer is found in our breathing patterns.

Breathing has an effect on our ability to focus. When oxygen levels in the brain are normal, mental performance is optimal. Furthermore, controlled breathing help keep brain cells from dying. Once brain cells die, they are permanently gone since they cannot be reactivated, and this results in the deterioration of the brain. The practice of slow, deep, and regular breathing has also been shown to increase physical strength. Your muscle tone will improve, making you less susceptible to fatigue. And when you are relaxed, it’s a lot easier to focus.

Fortunately, we also have the ability to control our breathing through conscious effort.  The exercise of regulating our breathing has been proven to be an effective stress management technique. In fact, its application in martial arts, yoga, tai chi, and many types of mindfulness practices emphasizes the importance of controlling one’s breathing. Many people find that focusing on their breathing helps them calm down and unwind.

These breathing exercises have specific guidelines that one can follow, and once you learn them, you can easily practice them every day. Though the routines may seem dull at first, they are actually fascinating and also quite challenging. It’s also convenient because you can do them pretty much any place. 

The next time you feel out of focus or stressed, try some deep breathing exercises. It’s the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to make you feel a whole lot better.